Corruption is now one of the most serious problems that draws the attention of nearly everyone. It is quite difficult to assess corruption in daily life properly, whether in Vietnam or other countries, because people only know of corruption cases once they are found out and addressed. It is like the tip of the iceberg on the sea.

Through the corruption cases uncovered over the years and based on the corruption assessments of the functional bodies, the Party and State have re-affirmed that corruption in Vietnam is still quite serious. Corruption is so common among state agencies, state officials, citizens and firms, between employees of public services and customers, and the people are concerned.

The fight against corruption in Vietnam has progressed since the Law on Anticorruption was enacted in 2005. However, actions have not been bold and there are few visible successes from anti-corruption. The goal of preventing corruption gradually has not been achieved.

Aiming at bringing more references for readers on corruption in Vietnam, the National Political Publishing House issues the book “Corruption from the Perspective of Citizens, Firms, and Public Officials – Results of Sociological Surveys” prepared by the World Bank and the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam and in collaboration with the Office of the Steering Committee on Anticorruption, Transformation and Change Consulting, the Asia- Pacific Institute of Management, DFID and UNDP.

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