Vietnam Investment Review, 8 June, 2015. CPA Australia charts route to success.

An edited extract of the original article appears below.


Well-known in Vietnam as a leading accounting profession and a preferred international designation, CPA Australia has worked closely with the Vietnamese government and relevant agencies. Regional manager for South Vietnam Huynh Thien shared her insider experience with VIR’s Duc Hanh, and CPA Australia’s seven years of operating effectively in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

How are your concepts of building and managing CPA Australia’s presence in Vietnam different from other educational institutions?

CPA Australia has over 150,000 members across 120 countries. As our membership has grown, we have seen CPAs (Certified Practising Accountants) spread across the globe. Almost one quarter of our members now reside outside Australia, with just over 30,000 in the Asian region. These established global networks give CPA Australia a unique business perspective, and our members here in Vietnam benefit from our experience in developing and managing rigorous, high-quality education programmes in different markets around the world.

We pride ourselves on thought leadership and sharing our knowledge with others. Here in Vietnam, we hold events for members, young accounting professionals, and students to brush up on their knowledge. Through collaboration with our business partners, we have also co-hosted professional events to support the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and other accounting laws in Vietnam.

As part of our commitment to developing the accounting profession in Vietnam, we have provided hundreds of scholarships to outstanding students and young professionals to support their journey towards becoming a CPA. We are also a main sponsor for region-wide accounting contests that nurture the leaders of tomorrow…

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  • Photo caption: Regional Manager for South Vietnam Huynh Thien. By Vietnam Investment Review.



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