The development of data centers has become a priority for many countries, receiving ample government support as digital/cloud technologies and connectivity become increasingly vital to an economy’s ecosystem.

According to Forrester, the Asia-Pacific cloud computing market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of close to 25% until the end of the decade. As economies mature, service providers will want to site their servers close to users for the best latencies and reaction times. Current internet penetration rates in the region are still below the halfway mark; with a total population of close to 4 billion, the need for additional infrastructure becomes critical and the growth potential, exceptional. Recent concerns over data sovereignty and security will also require more data centers to be stationed locally, which will further entrench the region’s data center construction boom into the medium term. In the latest edition of our Asia-Pacific Data Center Report, we continue to profile the core data center markets in the region, taking note of the major developments in these locations since 2015. Notably, Singapore and Hong Kong are among the safest locations in the region for data centers, ranking 7th and 11th respectively in our 2016 Data Centre Risk Index. By and large, despite prevailing economic uncertainly, investments in the sector have been sustained.

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