Vietnam: Authorities continue to enforce COVID-19  and update the restrictions nationwide as of 28 May 2021.

Vietnam continues to enact COVID-19 rules nationwide with requests to follow the restrictions strictly  from Heads of all Departments, Agencies, Units, Chairperson of the People’s Committee City and other districts to immediately implement the following measures:

1. Suspension of indoor dining – all restaurants in HCMC & Hanoi are now takeaway and delivery only.

  • For household establishments providing F&B service or operating street food businesses: absolutely no on-site service; only takeaways or online ordering and payment allowed; delivery person must comply with anti-epidemic preventive measures.
  • For restaurants inside hotels: only operating to serve guests staying at the hotels, ensuring two-meter distance between two people and not serving more than 20 people at a time.

2. Suspend operations of the following businesses: street food stalls, spa, beauty salons (barbershop, nail salon, etc.), clinics and hospitals specializing in cosmetology, restaurants, tourist attractions, monuments, museums, libraries (still providing documents via the internet), outdoor gymnastics and sports establishments of over 10 people.

3. Workplace & Public

  • No gathering of more than 20 people in workplace meetings and at conferences in Hanoi and HCMC.
  • Passengers on public transport must wear facemasks. Long-distance domestic travelers must complete health declaration forms before departure.
  • Factories, manufacturing establishments, traffic and construction sites, essential businesses (which provides food, medicine, petrol, electricity, water, fuel, etc.), education establishments, banks, businesses which are directly related to bank activities and business support (notary public, lawyer, registry/guarantee services, etc.), stock, post office, telecommunications, transport supporting services, goods export-import businesses, clinics and hospitals, funeral services, etc. are allowed to operate normally. Heads of these businesses are responsible in implementing COVID-19 preventive measures at the workplace, ensuring safety for employees.
  • Not recommending people to go out of the home unless necessary (work still allowed) – people over 60 should stay home.

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