Weekly Bullet Points from the Executive Director, Phil Johns [10 Dec 2015]

Dear Members and Friends

  • This afternoon’s Why ASEAN and why now? luncheon in HCMC had 60 attendees. It offered some fascinating insights and was a great example of Austrade and AusCham working well together for the benefit of members. To download the original report from Austrade, click here.
  • Wednesday, 16 Dec CanCham Breakfast Club – with AusCham, HCMC
  • At Tuesday’s Monthly Board meeting, it was resolved that AusCham’s Welcome Back Aussie Alumni events, originally scheduled for Saturday 30 January, will be postponed.
  • Congratulations to the Vietnam Swans who have just confirmed that they will host the 17th Annual AFL Asian Championships in HCMC in October 2016.
  • AusCham again thanks – and farewells – the Australian Consul-General, John McAnulty who returns to Australia at the beginning of next week.
  • Many thanks to the Air 360 Sky Bar in HCMC for advertising with AusCham.
  • AusCham is delighted to welcome back renewing members, Commonwealth Bank, Jardine Matheson and Novotel Saigon Centre. Also, individual member Neville Dean.
  • If your membership is due for renewal, it would be greatly appreciated by AusCham if you could commence the process at your earliest convenience.

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