DFDL is very pleased to announce that Walter Heiser is now a Partner at DFDL.

Walter has provided a significant senior level contribution to the firm over the eight years that he has been with DFDL, managing our legal services on many large hydropower projects in the Lao PDR and contributing his considerable industry knowledge to other projects around the region. We are delighted that he will now be participating as a Partner and will contribute his knowledge and expertise to help improve and develop DFDL.

Walter has over 30 years of experience as a lawyer, developer and project finance specialist for the electric power and infrastructure industries. In addition to his experience across the region with DFDL, Walter has also worked on major projects in China, the US and South America. He brings a valued client perspective to our projects, having worked in-house for energy giants Covanta Energy, PSEG Global and Meiya Power for many years both here in Asia and back in the US.

Walter has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a JD from New York University School of Law.

DFDL is delighted to have Walter as partner and we are certain he will continue to be a real asset to DFDL.

To view Walter’s full CV, please click here.

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