On 3 May 2019 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam (the “MOIT”) submitted to the Prime Minister a draft decision intended to replace Decision No. 11/2017/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on mechanisms for the encouragement of development of solar power, dated 11 April 2017 (“Decision 11”). In response to this submission, the Prime Minister requested the MOIT to consider several issues related to the draft decision.

The MOIT recently submitted a report (the “Report”) expressing opinions of MOIT in response to the issues identified by the Prime Minister.


The Report analyzed two possible options to divide Vietnam into irradiation regions for the purpose of calculating the Feed-In-Tariff (“FiT”). The first option is to divide Vietnam in two irradiation regions while the second option is to divide Vietnam into four irradiation regions.

The MOIT still suggests the Prime Minister to approve the second option (with four irradiation regions as provided for in the draft decision number three, issued on 12 April 2019) to incentivize investment in different provinces providing for a wider deployment of solar generation across Vietnam and therefore deploying solar generation across a wider range of the national grid.

Nonetheless, Vietnam Electricity (“EVN”), in its Official letter No. 3219/EVN-TTD dated 21 June 2019 on the opinion regarding FiT mechanism after 30 June 2019 (“Official letter 3219”), states that EVN agrees with the first option (with two irradiation regions). EVN proposed not to provide additional financial incentives to solar generators in low irradiation regions at this stage, but to instead continue to encourage investment in high irradiation regions, in order to reduce the pressure of increasing of the retail price. Mechanisms to incentivize development of solar power projects in low irradiation regions will be considered at a later stage.

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