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  • - 30% discount off for public course

    - 10% discount off for in-house course

    - 10% discount off for English Language Training program

    As a leading training provider in Vietnam, Corporate Training Solutions is committed to developing your people by offering the first-class learning and development programs.

    Our vision is to create a dynamic, interactive, challenging and practical learning environment that provides every participant opportunities for innovation, self-development and leadership.

    Corporate Training Solutions offers a portfolio of training programs that are relevant, meaningful and designed to reflect and reinforce your organization's goals and objectives.


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  • 30% on dental check up, X-Ray and teeth cleaning service

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  • 30% on dental check up, X-Ray and consultation

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  • Discount 5% of the all dental treatment

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  • 10% Total Join-in cooking class bill (without beverage)

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  • 10% discount to all services (except consumables, medications, surgery and other special services)

    1. Giảm 10% dịch vụ cận lâm sàng
    (không bao gồm thuốc, vật tư tiêu hao, thủ thuật, phẫu thuật, nha khoa và các dịch vụ đặc biệt khác).

    Discount 10% all the subclinical services
    (exclusive of medicine, medical equipment and consumables, surgery, dental services, unique services and other examination packages)

    2. Giảm 10% các gói khám sức khỏe trọn gói bao gồm: Các gói Khám sức khỏe định kỳ, gói khám tầm soát ung thư, tiền hôn nhân, khám sức khỏe làm giấy phép lao động.
    Discount 10% on health check package including: Annual health check-up package, cancer screening package, pre-marriage package, health examination for work permit package.

    3. Giảm 10% dịch vụ Thẩm mỹ
    Discount 10% cosmetic services

    4. Giảm 05% gói thai sản- sinh con.
    Discount 5% Maternity package

    5. Giảm 10% dịch vụ khám tại nhà (chỉ áp dụng trong giờ hành chính, không áp dụng vào ngày lễ tết)
    Discount 10% Home Medical Services (only apply in working hours, no applied on Holiday)

    6. Giảm 10% các dịch vụ răng thẩm mỹ (bao gồm niềng răng, implant và răng sứ)
    Discount 10% cosmetic dental services (including braces, implants and porcelain teeth)


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  • 10% on all services, excluding maternal & child health care services, and medical equipment.

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  • - 20% on Spa menu 

    - 20% on Fitness Membership Price list

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  • 15% on Official Ticket Rates

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  • Discount 7% for all services (valid at Mr Jeff De Tham D1 only, since we are a franchisee, there are other "Mr Jeff"s).
    Please find the original price list here:

    Simply request if you can't find what you need in the list. We will try to make it work.

    We know it's not always easy for expats to find reliable, English-speaking laundry services in HCMC. After the lockdown, the choices narrow further down, with even less laundry stores back in business.
    - Convenience is key: We speak fluent English; accept bank transfer/credit card/e-wallet; pick up and deliver everywhere in HCMC.
    - Innovative: The first brand in HCMC to offer a monthly subscription model with service of your choice, including 4 times pre-scheduled pickup and delivery.
    - Not only basic laundry: we also take care of shoes, bags, stuffed toys, carpets, etc.
    - We use eco-friendly detergent, softener, bleach, and reusable bags for the monthly plans.

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  • 10% Discount on April Insurance ( for AusCham Members.

    What Regency International do: 

    1. Protect Yourself - Medical Insurance & Life Insurance

    2. Protect your Family - Medical & Other Insurance Services

    3. Organise your finances and save for the future - Regular Savings

    4. Make your money work harder - Investments

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  • 10% discount when shopping at Ryan's Grocery Store for Auscham members

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  • Offer 5% on public rental rate apply for contract 2 years and above

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  • 10% discounted for:

    - 20 hours package, original price: 6,600,000 VND => 5,940,000VND

    - 40 hours package, original price: 12,000,000 VND => 10,800,000VND

    - 80 hours package, original price: 21,600,000 VND => 19,440,000VND

    - 160 hours package, original price: 40,000,000 VND => 36,000,000VND

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