Towards Transparency is offering a free 1.5 hour online learning module which provides comprehensive anti-corruption training.

The training has been designed by leading experts in the field, and enables organisations to provide training for their personnel.

You can quit and re-enter the module as often as you would like.

There are no restrictions as to the number of times you can take the course, or the number of individuals from the same organisation who can take it.

Learning outcomes

  • What is corruption and why is preventing it important?
  • Case scenarios – how to prevent and resist bribery and corruption
  • Anti-corruption laws and the consequences for you
  • How to report cases of bribery and corruption
Getting started – The untracked version

Getting started – the tracked version

If you wish to purchase a tracked version with assessment and certificate, click here.

If you wish to customise and deliver this course as a part of the anti-bribery adequate procedures at your organisation, contact or visit their website.

In Vietnamese language

For the Vietnamese version of the above, click here.



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