DisclaimerThis publication contains
information in summary form and is therefore intended for general
guidance only. It is not intended to be a substitute for detailed
research or the exercise of professional judgment. Neither Ernst &
Young Vietnam Limited nor any other member of the Ernst & Young
Global Limited can accept any responsibility for loss occasioned to any
person acting or refraining in this publication. On any specific matter,
reference should be made to the appropriate advisor.

book was prepared by Ernst & Young in Vietnam. It was written to
provide a quick overview of the investment climate, forms of business
organization, taxation, and business and accounting practices in
Vietnam. While the information contained in the book was, to the best of
our knowledge, current at the time of writing, the rapid pace of change
in Vietnam means that laws and regulations may have changed to reflect
the new conditions. Making decisions about foreign operations is complex
and requires an intimate knowledge of a country’s commercial climate
with a realization that the climate can change overnight. Companies
doing business in Vietnam, or planning to do so, are advised to obtain
current and specific information from experienced professionals.

Why invest in Vietnam

Security and polictical environment
a region of the world where some countries remain vulnerable to
political and economic instability, Vietnam has benefited from its
stable government and social structure, making it an ideal place for
capital investment.

Strategic geographic location
Located in
the cradle of Southeast Asia, Vietnam’s advantageous geographic location
can serve as a launch pad and home base for what is already the largest
collection of people on earth (the combined populations of ASEAN along
with China, Japan, South Korea and Chinese Taipei account for over 2
billion people).

High economic growth
Vietnam remains one of
the fastest-growing Asian economies with high GDP growth in recent
years, based on the power of FDI & the private sector.

Young and energetic population
has a population of 87.84 million people (13th largest in the world)
expected to grow to 100 million in 2020 with an annual growth rate of
1.2%. Over 50% of the population is 25 years or younger. Possessing,
highly skilled, young workers with an extraordinary work ethic and
literacy rate of more than 90%, the Vietnamese are equipped with a high
level of education and are prepared to serve in high skilled industries
like information technology, pharmaceuticals and financial services, at a
more competitive cost than other countries in the region…

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