Event Details

March 27, 2018

Event Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Manly Room, Norfolk Hotel, 117 Lê Thánh Tôn, Bến Nghé, District 1

Members Only. Complimentary.

Event Details

March 27, 2018

Event Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Hai Phong Room, Pan Pacific Hotel 1 Thanh Nien Road, Ba Dinh District

Members Only. Complimentary.

Notice is hereby given that the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of AusCham will take place at 6pm on Tuesday, 27 March 2018 in:

  • Hanoi – Hai Phong Room, Pan Pacific Hotel, 1 Thanh Nien Road, Ba Dinh District; and
  • HCMC – Manly Room, Norfolk Hotel, 117 Lê Thánh Tôn, Bến Nghé, District 1

For the formal notice, please download 2018 Notice of AGM.

For full details of the Annual General Meeting, please download the 2018 AGM Information Sheet.


  • 26 February (Monday) – Official Notice of 2018 AGM emailed to all members. Nominations for Board open
  • 9 March @5pm (Friday) – Deadline for non voting members to request a review of their voting status
  • 16 March @5pm (Friday) – Deadline for members to list an item on the AGM Agenda
  • 19 March @ 3pm (Monday) – Deadline for candidates to nominate for the 2018 Board
  • 20 March (Tuesday) – Online voting commences (if election is required)
  • 27 March @3pm (Tuesday) – Online voting closes
  • 27 March @6pm (Tuesday) – Annual General Meeting 2018 (Hanoi and HCMC)



  1. President’s Report regarding the activities of AusCham since the previous AGM.
  2. President’s Report regarding proposed activities for the coming year.
  3. Treasurer’s Report regarding the financial position for the year ended 31 December 2017 and proposed budget for year ended 31 December 2018.
  4. To elect (if an election is required) a National Board comprising four (4) representatives residing in Hanoi and eight (8) representatives residing in HCMC and that these Board Members will hold office from this date until the 2019 AGM.
  5. To appoint an auditor.
  6. To transact any other business properly brought forward at the AGM including the following item raised by Lifetime Member, Patrick Downey:

“The 2017 National Board made a decision that a ban on the conduct of ANZAC Day ceremonies in Vietnam, effective as from ANZAC DAY 2017, other than at the Embassy in Hanoi, had no relevance to AusCham Vietnam.

“It is requested that the Board clarify its decision as to the reasons why this had no relevance to AusCham Vietnam and therefore its members.  Likewise, why it failed to notify members of this decision at the time, or since.”


  • Only Voting Members may nominate or be nominated to serve on the Board (Voting members may nominate themselves to stand for election).
  • Only Voting members may vote if an election is required.
  • All Voting and Non Voting Members are invited to attend the AGM in either Hanoi or HCMC.

Registrations of Interest and Enquiries

To register your interest in attending the AGM (members only) email:

Below is the final list of candidates:

Hanoi Candidates – 5 Candidates for 4 Vacancies

  1. Mr Giles Cooper: Partner, Duane Morris Vietnam (2017 AusCham Director; attended 8 of 12 meetings)
    I am a lawyer with 18+ years’ experience helping investors and entrepreneurs navigate the ever-increasing complexity of Vietnam’s business landscape.  My work with AusCham focuses on legal advocacy in areas including market access and trade, enterprise and investment law reform, labor and work permit laws and mining services.  I am AusCham’s representative on the board of the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), an important avenue for AusCham members to participate in law and policy making in Vietnam.  I am also co-chair of the VBF’s Governance and Integrity Working Group, working with the government to bring transparency and integrity best practice to Vietnam for the benefit of investors and society.  I hope to continue in my role with AusCham and play a role in improving the business environment for our members.
  2. Mr Phillip Dowler, Head of Campus, RMIT Hanoi (2017 AusCham Director; attended 7 of 12 meetings)
    Phillip Dowler has been one of the Hanoi based directors of AusCham for the last three years.  In his daily life he is the Head of Campus of RMIT University Vietnam.  This role sees him engaged in the community on many different levels. He is an member of  Northern Vietnam CPA Australia Advisory Group, a member of the education working group of VBF and on the education advisory committee of the Australian Embassy.  He holds a Master of Commerce Degree from UNE and is currently studying his Ph.D. Phillip was awarded a Order of Australia medal in 2015. He and his wife  Leanne has lived in Vietnam since 2012.
  3. Ms Tori Dixon-Whittle: Managing Director, TDWCo (2017, AusCham Vice President; attended 10 of 12 meetings)
    Tori Dixon-Whittle, resident of Hanoi since 2011, is the managing director of Hanoi-based consulting company TDWCo – provider of human resource development training, executive coaching, facilitation, and consultancy to clients including the Australian Embassy, British Embassy, United Nations, & World Bank. Tori has been actively involved with Auscham since 2014, a director since 2016, and was last year elected Vice President. She is passionate about serving the Australian/Vietnamese business community through coordinating events, facilitating connections, and advocating for and promoting the members’ interests. She looks forward to continuing to working with and for the AusCham members in the next term.
  4. Mr David Whitehead, Chairman, Mavin Austfeed
    I am an Australian from Melbourne, living and working in Vietnam since 2005, with offices in Hanoi and HCMC.I have been an AusCham member since 2005 holding positions of Director, Chairman of Hanoi Chapter, and Vice President.  I am a member of a number of committees of the VBF and have represented AusCham in workshops, committees and seminars.  I am AusCham’s Official Representative to Nghe An.  I have a strong business relationship with the Australian Embassy and the Australian Consulate.  I have good relationships with Business Chambers including AmCham and EuroCham.I wish to stand as a Hanoi Director in 2018.I believe I have knowledge and understanding of business in Vietnam, as well as experience dealing with government authorities throughout the country.  As a former AusCham Director and Vice President, I believe I could contribute effectively to the Board of Directors in 2018.
  5. Mr Peter Wigley, VP Marketing and Procurement, Athena Enterprises.
    I would like to stand for nomination for the Auscham Board of directors in Hanoi for 2018. I have been a resident of Hanoi since April 2017 and have a background in business and marketing. I founded Prochem Industries which is a specialised chemical company in Australia in 2000. More recently I established the Pure Natural Australia Group in partnership with Athena Enterprises JSC Vietnam which trades commodities throughout Asia. We have interests in agriculture, beef and beverages, and also a member of the NSW Aquaculture Association. I have a strong and varied business network both in Australia and Vietnam across many different industry sectors. It is my belief I  that I can inject a lot of energy, enthusiasm and creativity into Auscham which I believe is necessary to grow the organisations base and contribute its ongoing success on Vietnam, and more broadly ASEAN.

HCMC Candidates – 10 candidates for 8 Vacancies

  1. Mr. Patrick Downey – MD AsiaIDA Ltd., & Principal Consultant Business Development Asia Co Ltd
    I believe I can add value to AUSCHAM’s continuing and ongoing activities, events and functions. I have lived and worked in and from HCMC for 26 years and for the past 20 of these have been very happily married to Nga my Vietnamese wife. Thus I believe I have a good understanding of Vietnam. With wide business experience managing, consulting and training in Vietnam and Asia I also recognize the benefit of Australian/Vietnam business and trade relationships and regional interests. As a foundation member, former committee member, former Vice Chairman HCMC, and now an Honorary Life Member, I believe I have a good understanding of AusCham’s vision and mission and the needs and requirements of members. Thus my confidence in being able to provide beneficial and meaningful input with a strong focus on membership services.
  2. Ms Cecilia Tran Dang: Head of Wealth Management, VinaCapital (2017 AusCham Director; attended 12 of 12 meetings)
    Cecilia has been on the Board of AusCham since 2016. She started her Banking & Finance career over two decades ago. Prior to moving to Asia, she worked closely with the Vietnamese Business Community in Victoria. Her strength in promoting and showcasing Vietnam to FDI investors creates opportunities for members to connect. Cecilia is also an active facilitator for the Money Minded Community program and has been working and living in Vietnam since 2010. She is passionate and committed to be the conduit to help close the gaps for members both here in Vietnam and abroad. She is a Monash University Alumna, holds an MBA with Charles Sturt University and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.
  3. Mr Brian O’Reilly: Managing Director – SEA Management Consulting Company (2017 AusCham Director; attended 11 of 12 meetings)
    Brian has been a member of AusCham for over 17 years and a Board member for over 9 years. He past roles in AusCham include President, Chair/Vice-Chair of the HCMC Chapter, Chair of AusCham’s Advocacy Committee representing AusCham at the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF). He is the Chair the VBF Education and Training Working Group. Brian will continue to work to help AusCham achieve its goals in serving the interests of all AusCham members across Vietnam.
  4. Mr Minh Duong: Partner, Asia Counsel Vietnam Law Company (2017 AusCham Secretary; attended 10 of 12 meetings)
    Minh Duong is the 2017 Auscham Secretary. Minh is from Sydney, Australia and has been practising corporate law in Vietnam for more than 10 years. His firm, Asia Counsel, is the sponsor of the Community Award at the 2018 Australian Business Awards. Minh looks forward to serving on the 2018 Board.
  5. Dr Rod Crouch: Executive Principal, Australian International School Saigon
    Currently Executive Principal of the Australian International School (AIS), one of Ho Chi Minh City’s premier schools, Dr Roderick Crouch is a highly experienced international school educator and leader. AIS employs over 50 Australians on its staff and its graduates often attend Australian universities. Rod’s leadership career has included being Principal/CEO of different schools in Australia, as well as the UAE, and now Vietnam. While in the UAE, Rod was the treasurer of the Australian Business Council of Dubai and also trained and mentored school principals for the Government of Sharjah. In addition to his formal qualifications, Rod has completed the company directors course from AICD. Rod has strong strategic, organisation and leadership skills and is a member of Loreto Vietnam’s advisory board. He presented last year to the SA business delegation and is keen to see AusCham be at the forefront of the Australia Vietnam relations.
  6. Mr Greg Ohan: Deputy CEO, BW Industrial Development (2017 AusCham Director; attended 7 of 12 meetings)
    An AusCham member for 7 years and active board member for 4, I have worked in real estate in Australia, Hong Kong and the last 6 years in Vietnam which has allowed me to understand the complexities businesses face when entering / operating in Vietnam – whilst also understanding the role required by AusCham to support its members. Traveling across Vietnam and the ASEAN region regularly gives me an understanding of the “national” issues. I regularly work on the challenging committees; volunteering for community and events and also help to drive successful AusCham events such as the recent ‘Industrial Investment’ , ‘Australian Business Awards’ adding value to members.
  7. Mr Robert King: Tax Partner / Tax Leader Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, EY Vietnam (2017 AusCham Director; attended 7 of 12 meetings)
    I am admitted to the NSW Supreme Court and hold a WA legal practicing certificate. I am also a chartered accountant and an Associate of CA ANZ. I am a partner at EY and lead the tax practice in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Prior to that I was a corporate tax partner in EY Sydney, Perth and Croatia. I have lived in Vietnam with my family since July 2015. I joined the AusCham Board in 2017 and hope to be reappointed this year.
  8. Mr Matthew Lourey: Managing Partner, Domicile Corporate Services (2017 AusCham Treasurer; attended 11 of 12 meetings)
    I am an Australian Chartered Accountant who has lived and worked in Vietnam for over 13 years. As Managing Partner of Domicile Corporate Services, I assist foreign invested companies enter Vietnam and ensure that their ongoing accounting, tax, reporting and compliance are maintained at international levels. I enjoy fostering our Australian relationships in Vietnam, and being part of the AusCham board allows me to give back and assist the wider Australian business community in Vietnam and Australia.
    I have been a Director of AusCham for the past 2 years, and have held the position of Treasurer for much of that period. I look forward to continuing as a board member of AusCham, and contributing to its stability and successes.
  9. Mr Matthew Young: General Director, Group GSA
    As a member of AusCham since 2013, I have been incredibly fortunate, being able to both support the organization and to see firsthand the benefits membership brings. Through Group GSA we have supported AusCham via sponsorships for events and through offering pro bono architectural services. In return I have met some incredible people, gained exposure to networks I would otherwise not have and learned to develop my business by attending seminars and through informal mentoring received at the hands of other members. As someone who started and grown a successful business in Vietnam, effectively from scratch, I truly believe in the necessity of having a strong business chamber to help Australian businesses grow, integrate and consolidate. My focus is to assist AusCham to be there for the members interests, to foster better relationships and focus on helping all members achieve their business and personal goals in the competitive Vietnam market.
  10. Ms Chau Ta: Legal Counsel Transactions, SC Capital (2017 AusCham President; attended 10 of 12 meetings)
    I am a Vietnamese born Australian lawyer specializing in real estate investments/transactions, living and working in Vietnam for 11 years. I have served on the board of AusCham for the past 5 years, and as AusCham’s President in 2016 and 2017. Together with our dynamic and enthusiastic board, I am committed and dedicated to promoting and facilitating Australian and Vietnamese businesses, giving our members competent business support and a reliable platform to leverage the strong bonds between Australia and Vietnam following from the recent announcement of the Strategic Partnership between our two countries, as well as Vietnam’s growing importance within ASEAN.

Attendance record of 2017/18 Directors who are standing for election (only 10 directors are listed as two will not contest this election as they have relocated from Vietnam.

Attendance record



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