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March 31, 2020

Event Time: 18:00 - 20:00


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The Australian Chamber of Commerce AGM to be held on 31 March 2020 will now move to an on-line format for those people who need to attend.



The change is due to the on-going spread of COVID-19, health warnings from the Vietnam government and the health and wellbeing of our members, partners and staff which is our primary concern. AusCham takes the safety of everyone very seriously and we believe this is a sensible approach and a proper result will be achieved in this format.

If you have any questions, please contact the AusCham Executive Director, Simon Fraser at execdirector@auschamvn.org

Important documents

Key Dates

  • 24 February (Monday) – Official Notice of 2020 AGM to be emailed to all members. Nominations for Board open
  • 6 March @5:00 pm (Friday) – Deadline for non-voting members to request a review of their voting status (Non-voting to Voting)
  • 13 March @5:00 pm (Friday) – Deadline for Members to list an item on the AGM Agenda
  • 16 March @3:00 pm (Monday) – Deadline for Candidates (current Board Members & Nominees) to nominate for the 2020 Board
  • 24 March (Tuesday) – Online voting commences (if election is required)
  • 31 March @12:00 pm (Tuesday) – Online voting closes
  • 31 March @6:00 pm (Tuesday) – online AGM 2020 (Hanoi and HCMC)

Who would you like to serve on AusCham’s 2020/21 Board?

As a Voting Member, you are entitled to nominate yourself, or another Voting Member, to stand for election to serve on AusCham’s 2020/21 Board as a Director. The deadline for nominations is 3:00 pm on Monday, 16 March. To nominate, please download the AGM Pack 2020 and email to execdirector@auschamvn.org

If an election is required, all Voting Members will be emailed separately with full details for online voting (as well as voting in person at the AGM or by proxy).

Non Voting Members are warmly invited to attend the Annual General Meeting

As a Non Voting Member of AusCham, you are warmly invited to attend the Annual General Meeting in Hanoi or HCMC.
Please note, however, that as a Non Voting Member, you are ineligible to stand for election or to nominate anyone else to stand for election at the AGM. If you believe that there is an error in AusCham’s records and that you are eligible to vote, you may request a review of the status of your membership by emailing execdirector@auschamvn.org prior to 5:00 pm on Friday 6 March.

If you are a nominee of a member company that has strong Australian credentials, please be aware that Corporate members are restricted to having three nominees with voting rights and for SMEs, it is two nominees with Voting Rights. So please check first that your company hasn’t allocated the Voting Rights to another nominee(s).

Agenda for Annual General Meeting to be held in Hanoi and HCMC

1. President’s Report regarding the activities of AusCham since the previous AGM.
2. President’s Report regarding proposed activities for the coming year.
3. Treasurer’s Report regarding the financial position for the year ended 31 December 2019 and
proposed budget for year ending 31 December 2020.
4. To elect a National Board comprising four (4) representatives residing in Hanoi and eight (8)
representatives residing in HCMC and that these Board Members will hold office from this
date until the 2021 AGM.
5. To appoint an auditor.
6. To transact any other business properly brought forward at the AGM.

The order of  2020/21 AusCham Board Candidates, which was drawn at AusCham Office ( 17 Mar 2020, 10.00 am) as below:

HCMC Candidates Order:

1. Brian O’Reilly: MBA Program Coordinator – Vietnamese-German University (VGU) (2019/20 AusCham Director)
2. Mario Mendis: Executive Assistant Manager, Sofitel Saigon Plaza
3. Minh Duong: Partner, Asia Counsel Vietnam Law Company (2019/20 AusCham Secretary)
4. Carl Heath: Investment Advisory Director, Fortis Bridge Co., Ltd
5. Simon Pugh: CEO, QLM Label Makers Group
6. Chau Ta: Legal Counsel Transactions, SC Capital (2019/20 AusCham Vice President)
7. Robert King: Tax Partner / Tax Leader Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, EY Vietnam (2019/20 AusCham Director)
8. Nguyen Thien Dinh: Director of Investments, Vabis Group (2019/20 AusCham Director)
9. Fiona Susan Terry: Human Resources Group Manager, The Al Fresco’s Group (AFG Vietnam)
10. Matthew Young: General Director, Group GSA (2019/20 AusCham Director)
11. Jodi West: CEO, ANZ Bank (Vietnam) Limited

Hanoi Candidates Order:

1. David Whitehead: Chairman, Mavin Austfeed (2019/20 AusCham Director)
2. Melissa Keane: Partner, Allens Pte Ltd, Hanoi Branch (2019/20 AusCham Director)
3. Dr. Raymond Gordon: Vice Chancellor, President and General Director, British University Vietnam, (2019/20 AusCham Director)