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October 28, 2021

Event Time: 07:00 - 08:30


Learn how to take advantage of Free Trade Agreements to grow your business with Vietnam.

About this event
Learn about Vietnam’s Manufacturing Capability to Enhance your Supply and Value Chains

As supply chain diversification becomes the name of the game, Vietnam is looking like an attractive alternative for many businesses.

Note: This is a FREE event for Australian businesses. However, registration is necessary to secure your spot.

Why attend:
As the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the need for businesses to diversify supply chains, there has been a rise in manufacturers and distributors seeking diversification in their value chains. Some Asian countries including Vietnam have put forward plans to attract overseas investment as companies look for diversified centres of production and distribution. Vietnam has been a key part of the “China plus one” manufacturing strategy and an emerging production destination in its own right.

Webinar content
The webinar will share insights into:

• Vietnam’s emergence as a global manufacturer
• Australia’s manufacturing footprint in Vietnam
• Investing in Vietnam’s Industrial Zones/Manufacturing Provinces
• Navigating Vietnam’s Supply Chains

Shirley Ng, Ai Group National Manager, International Competitiveness

Guest Speakers from Vietnam:
1. Shannon Leahy, Trade Commissioner, Austrade Hanoi

2. Glenn Hughes, Head of Vietnam, LOGOS

3. Simon Pugh, President, AusCham Vietnam/ Group CEO, QLM Labels

4. Mark Dummett, President, Austal Vietnam

5. Filippo Bortoletti, Dezan Shira & Associates, Hanoi, Vietnam

(Disclaimer: This is not an AusCham Vietnam event, but is promoted in good faith as an event that may or may not be of interest to AusCham’s members).