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In following the meeting with MPI’s Minister, VBF would like to update the Annual VBF 2018 as below:

Date:               4th December 2018 is confirmed by MPI

Venue:            Lotte Hanoi Hotel

Agenda:          The tentative agenda is being revised with the comments from MPI and will be circulated shortly

VBF would send you here the brief notes of the meeting with MPI’s Minister to facilitate your preparation of position paper and appreciate your due submission by the deadline of 19th November.

  1. The key draft laws in 2018 & 2019: Since such new laws as Enterprises & Investment Law, Tax Administration Law, PPP law … are in process of drafting and even the drafts are not yet completed, the discussion on these new laws at the Annual VBF 2018 would make no sense → In 2019, while those drafts are made by the governmental agencies, VBF is encouraged to organize workshops to technically discuss and comment on specific draft laws.
  2. MPI Minister highlighted the key topics below which should be focused at Annual VBF 2018:
  • Science and technology reform and innovation
  • Education and training
  • PPP for infrastructure development
  • Adaption to Industrie 4.0
  • Utilize the benefits of CT-PPP and EVFTA
  1. Other specific issues could be integrated in appropriate sessions such as:
  • Recommendation to reform SOEs
  • Linkages between domestic and FDI businesses in industries
  • Engage FDI in PPP projects
  • Obstacles in tax and customs services
  1. Current projects carried out by MPI with priorities:
  • Develop strategy on Industrie 4.0: science-technology and education must drive the development →VBF is encouraged to contribute with comments, recommendation
  • Build up a network of National Innovation Centre (NIC) and the 1st model of NIC will be born at the end of this year → VBF is appreciated to comment on this model and mobilize FDI in NIC.
  • Connect talent people from oversea Vietnamese communities (since there is no ALUMNI of such skilled workers once were trained abroad) and engage them in promoting science and technology innovation, enhancing education cooperation …
  • The Government and MPI are preparing for the 13th Congress of Communist Party which will be held in 2021 →VBF is welcomed to contribute with recommendation to develop 10 year strategy and 5 year plan for the country.


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