Event Details

November 24, 2020

Event Time: 13:00 - 18:30

GEM Center | No. 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao, D1

+84 24 2246 6968

Vietnam M&A Forum is an annual event for the Vietnamese and international business and investment communities, jointly organized by Vietnamese Investment Review (VIR) and AVM Vietnam under the auspices of the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Vietnam M&A Forum 2020 will assess the M&A trends in the next few years, analyze new capital flows, opportunities and driving force for M&A in Vietnam

The 12th Vietnam M&A Forum 2020 continues its mission in connecting national & international investors, M&A consultants, businesses; promoting M&A wave in Vietnam happing strongly through discussions & sharing from leading experts in the region and the world.

Vietnam M&A Forum 2020 with theme: “Upsurging in the new normal” will turn the spotlight on M&A opportunities in the “new normal” period while Vietnam is positioned to benefit from the shift in foreign direct investment flows from large but unsafe markets to Vietnam amidst the COVID- 19 pandemic; from opportunities arising from the new free trade and investment agreements that Vietnam has signed and the amendments to the laws on enterprises and investment, including more supportive and transparent rules for M&A activities; and from the strategies which large-scale firms have pursued to restructure their operations, strengthen their ecosystems and value chains, among others.

Vietnam M&A Forum 2020 will be organized with the main activities including:

1. Seminar on M&A

With this year’s focus on the creation of the State Capital Management Committee, the role as well as the specific roadmap of the Committee in divesting businesses, removing “knot” in the process of capital & track exit and caught in real estate. This year and the next years which sectors, areas or specific businesses will be raised by the Committee to receive M&A waves? And what businesses will need to do to catch the right wave, develop the right direction of M&A? This will be the key issues of the 2020 M&A Forum, promising to bring new knowledge, deep and valuable papers to businesses and investment funds to set up M&A plans in Vietnam in the future.

The organizers also reserve space and time for activities to connect investment, meet business delegations on the sidelines of the Conference.

2. Deal Award Ceremony

Honor typical deals on mergers, acquisitions, private releases and consultants who contribute for one year (2019-2020).

3. Intensive training course on M&A

With the theme “Going for breaking through”, there is the participation of international strategy experts with many years of practical experience in advising M&A Deals.

4. Special issue “Overview of Vietnam’s M&A market 2020”

The only publication in Vietnam that fully updates knowledge, legal framework, characteristics of M&A activities in Vietnam and international experience is widely released in the country and abroad.

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(Disclaimer: This is not an AusCham Vietnam event, but is promoted in good faith as an event that may or may not be of interest to AusCham’s members).