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Sport brings people together

Sport is a universal activity which can bind business people, athletes and fans with a common purpose.

Business people gain the satisfaction of supporting a team such as rowing whilst networking and building relationships, fans enjoy the games and competitiveness while the athletes continue to learn and get the satisfaction from winning.

For the Vietnamese rowing team, through ongoing success they have been able to build strong families, communities and businesses. Having experienced success in Asia, Vietnam Rowing is now preparing for global success.

Combining business and sport

Over the past eight years, the team has competed at the Asian Games, London and Rio Olympic games. They now have their sights set on the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Be part of a select group to support and sponsor the Vietnam rowing team as it embarks on a three-year qualifying journey.

Events for the team will be held in both Vietnam and Sydney over the next three years providing ample well-structured opportunities to forge strong links with businesses in Vietnam. This will include club membership, formal business and informal social interaction.

Meet Joe Donnelly, world-class coach and business connector

Joe Donnelly has been the head coach of the Vietnamese rowing program for the past eight years. Himself an Australian rowing representative and award-winning coach in Australia, Joe has built a strong following in Vietnam of high profile business owners and those connected with putting Vietnamese sport on the world stage.

How to get involved

Vietnam Rowing is looking for ongoing sponsorship to prepare for global success. They are seeking partners who are looking to build business relationships in Vietnam and would value the opportunity to be part of a business network through sport. For more information and to discuss out how involvement with Vietnam Rowing could benefit your business contact:

Steve Newnham, Oakham Grove Holdings Pty Ltd


Mobile: +61 (0)407703312


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