FAQ: “What is the best method for hiring staff in the provinces?”

The following response has been prepared by the Chairman of Mavin Austfeed (AusCham Member), Mr David Whitehead.

When we begin an operation within a province, we use a multi-faceted approach to staff our facilities.

For general unskilled workers we advertise locally within newspapers and we utilise a “Job Vacancy Board” at the factory site.

We also use our contacts with the Provincial People’s Committee (which must be done anyway prior to establishing a business within a province).  The Assistant to the Chair of the Provincial People’s Committee, for example, in each province is the right person to make contact with universities or other associations to generate interest in job vacancies.

For high level staff or department heads we would advertise in local newspapers in nearby cities (eg in the Mekong, we would advertise in Can Tho).

We would use HR recruiting companies for senior or specialist positions such as Nutritionists, Engineers, IT experts etc.

It is extremely important to have a senior person on the ground in the area in which you intend to recruit. There must be clear job descriptions and selection criteria for all levels of staff.  Understand the provisions of Vietnamese Labor Probation and Contracts as well as the Law on Employment – particularly for employing foreigners.

Be clear on the appropriate salary and wages and other remuneration levels and working conditions applicable in the country and in the region.

Be prepared to undertake a lot of interviews and also understand that not only individuals but families will apply for positions in a group (for unskilled positions).

Below: David Whitehead speaks at the opening of Mavin Austfeed’s feedmill in Nghe An Province on 18 February 2017.

Click on the photo to hear Mr David Whitehead speak at the opening of Mavin Austfeed's multi million dollar facility in Nghe An Province.

Click on the photo above to hear Mr David Whitehead speak at the opening of Mavin Austfeed’s multi million dollar facility in Nghe An Province in February 2017.












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