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Attention Members: FDIs with significant energy needs

The Head of VBF’s Power and Energy Working Group, John Rockhold, has written to AusCham stating that “all objective analysis points to a considerable energy supply gap and brownouts from Spring 2015 mainly in the south of Vietnam, due to lack of investment in the last 5 years. The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and their partner UNDP, as well as the VBF will… (lobby) the Minister for action to ensure a more resilient energy supply by showing how important this is to foreign investors. It will also advance an argument that should lead to reform of the energy market creating more advantageous conditions for investment in the energy sector.”

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has requested the IISD to gather feedback from FDI businesses with significant energy needs. Specifically, it is seeking feedback on energy pricing and supply and its implications for future FDI into Vietnam. The findings of this study will be forwarded directly to the MPI and other relevant ministries considering different energy policy reform options.

The IISD has organized two business leader breakfast events:

·         16 January in HCMC

·         20 January in Hanoi

There will also be industrial site visits near Ho Chi Minh City on 15 January.

See attached information for full details.

Should you wish to attend the business leader breakfast events or offer your industrial site for a tour, please let me know.

Separately, on behalf of IISD, AusCham will circulate an online questionnaire on energy supply, pricing and competitiveness that will be ready “in the coming weeks”. IISD adds that “It is, above all, through this survey that the Vietnamese Government will be able to understand the views and concerns of FDI firms regarding energy policy in Vietnam.”

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