Dear Members,

AusCham has been approached by the MPI and ACAPR seeking feedback from our members on the following two issues:


1. Damage caused to property during recent protests – By MPI

The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has requested relevant details from any member company that suffered damage as a result of the recent anti China protests.


2. Work Permits – By ACAPR

The Advisory Council on Administrative Procedure Reform (ACAPR) is seeking feedback on issues related to work permits for foreigners.

If you have recently had any specific issues that you believe are unnecessarily onerous, please provide AusCham with details. Please bear in mind, however, that work permits are often difficult to obtain in many countries including Australia. Our intention is to provide balanced feedback for the Vietnamese authorities.

We are also working closely with other Chambers of Commerce on this.


Should you have any feedback on either of these two issues, please forward:

AusCham will then collate the responses and forward an appropriate document to the authorities for their consideration. Please note, AusCham’s role is to provide feedback from our members. We are not in a position to represent members on specific issues.


Phil Johns

National Executive Director

Australian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam