The following has been received from the VBF Secretariat on 5 April 2016.


VBF Secretariat received an official letter from Ministry of Planning & Investment that requested VBF to collect and provide comments on the implementation of the Investment Law and the Enterprise Law as follows:

  1. Collecting/presenting all problems, difficulties of investors/enterprises during the implementation process of the Laws and guiding documents; difficulties arisen from adoption of the Laws in relation with other specialized laws such as Land Law, Construction Law, Environment Law, etc.
  1. Summarizing all problems, difficulties in implementing List of Investment Conditions applicable to foreign investors that was uploaded on the Foreign Investment Agency’s website.
  1. Proposing recommendations and solutions (if any).

VBF is planning to organize a meeting with relevant agencies of MPI in late April or early May to present our difficulties, recommendations as well as obtaining specific guidelines and clarity from MPI for our unclear issues/concerns. This will be a very good chance for VBF to voice our opinion with a view to improving the compliance and implementation of the Laws.

In preparation for the meeting, we would like to call for your final input for aforementioned issues that will be acted as talking points with MPI.

To view the consolidated comments we received so far for your incorporation, please click onto:

  1. Consolidated comments for Investment Law and Decree 118
  2. Consolidated comments for Enterprise Law

Please kindly provide your input in the files accordingly (both in English and Vietnamese) and mark your input in yellow highlights and send to VBF Secretariat at before COB of 14th April 2016.