The course is comprehensive, and covers all aspects of emergency first aid, CPR, and medical or common issues and conditions. It is very much ‘hand on’.. everyone gets involved, so people are invited to come in casual attire, shorts etc. and expect to learn how to handle most common, and some not so common, medical or trauma situations.

The course covers First Aid principles.. the basic 5 steps that underline every situation.. and these are practiced throughout the program. Inclusive in this is accidents, resultant injuries internal and external and response procedures; Dealing with unconscious patients. Responses and corresponding actions; Trauma in all aspects.. primary re head injuries and on through limbs and internal; Shock; electric shock; smoke inhalation and fire response actions; Heart attack; Choking; Bleeding; Diabetes and similar medical issues; Drowning and responses; CPR (Very much hands on!) in ALL Bleeding.. nose; teens and women; trauma; epilepsy; allergies; burns and scalds; accident response as both onlooker and one involved; electric and chemical burns; bites and stings; current global snake and venomous bits treatment; poisoning, impaling and puncture wounds.. etc. These are a general list of what is covered. I tend to do several in a ‘typical scenario’ situation, where we look at causes, responses, dangers, and the steps needed.. people have the opportunity to respond as they think best.. and we then give the best case scenario that should be followed in that situation. Progressively, we cover all the above.

Cost is $50 US per person. (Group bookings have a different rate and can be obtained upon enquiry with approximate numbers and work context.) Time is usually up to three. Because everyone is doing something, the time usually goes fast. I always allow time for questions and follow up during the session..and we finish up looking at what people have in their homes and offices re First Aid kits.. what could be added.. what can be used if these are not available in any given emergency.. etc. The goal is to have people informed and confident.. and prepared to deal with most emergencies adequately.

A certificate is issued on completion.  There is NO exam.. the program is done so people understand what is being taught.. and are capable of doing it themselves. Let me know once you have permission. and numbers, and I can give you a couple of dates to choose from. Each participant will have a complete First Aid Manual in both English and Vietnamese.

Chris O’Dempsey


Heart Reach Australia

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