Vietnam News, 11 June 2015. Vietnam News reports in an article titled, Lychee marketers on a roll, that the first shipment of Vietnamese lychees left Vietnam for Australia on Wednesday 10 June, 2015.

For an edited extract of the original article, see below.

…According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the country’s lychee output was likely to top 200,000 tonnes this year, with 40 per cent being exported…

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh said building a value chain for the (lychees) was very important.

“It took almost 10 years for Viet Nam to complete necessary procedures to export lychee to the US and Australia.

Yesterday (Wednesday 11 June 2015), with the shipment of more than three tonnes of lychees to Australia and two tonnes to the US, Rong Do Company was the second company to export lychees to the US and the first Vietnamese company to ship the fruit to Australia.

Robert Guillermo, pre-clearance specialist with the US Department of Agriculture, who inspected the shipment yesterday, said the lychee quality met the standards for export to the US market.

“It is fresh and sweet, and meets the quality standard,” he said. “We have had two previous shipments sent to the US. They were the same quality as this one,” Guillermo said…

Alex Alexopoulos, national sales manager for PanasiaFresh, which imports litchis from Viet Nam and sells them in Australia, said he was satisfied with the quality of the lychees in Viet Nam and that the packaging facility was very good.

All of the lychees will be sold in wholesale markets and supermarkets in Australia. After this first shipment, his company plans to buy as much as possible if customers in Australia like the Vietnamese lychees.

“We hope this season we can import 15 to 20 tonnes of lychees every week for distribution in Australia,” Alexopoulos said, adding his company also plans to import coconut, mango and dragonfruit from Viet Nam.

Deputy Trade Minister Tuan Anh said:”Exports will add value. Therefore, the producing stage must be stable in terms of quality and quantity to export to existing markets and expand to other markets.



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