Feel like some fresh, tasty, clean Australian milk on a Saturday morning?

AusCham Member, the Pactum Dairy Group (part of Freedom Foods Group), distributes LiF Love in Farm milk from Australia’s famous Goulburn Valley.

If you need to know more about the origin of where your actual carton of milk has come from, you can easily trace your carton back to the actual farm in the Goulburn Valley.

Trace the origin by inserting the packing date (located on the top of the carton. In the case of the carton purchased by AusCham on Saturday 27 May, 2016, the package date is 12/12/2016 (see banner photo).

Plug that into the website and watch it unfold.

As it turns out, the milk came from two farms located between Shepparton and Echuca in Victoria, as per below. And it took 54 minutes to be transported to the factory.

Dairy farm


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