Cameron Luke is the Managing Director of Lagler Australia (AusCham Member). On the 2016 ANZAC Weekend, Cam donated food and supplies to the Long Hai Orphanage worth AUD10,000. The funds were raised in Australia and below, Cam writes an open letter to those who supported this wonderful initiative.


Dear Friends,

For all who donated this year to help the Orphanages in Vietnam that I have supported for the past 4 years, I sincerely thank you.

To some more photos of my recent visit to both the Long Hai Centre and the Vung Tau Centre, click onto 2016 Orphanage Thank You.


Cameron with the children.

Cameron with the children.

With your support we raised just in excess of $10,000 which with thanks to the Commonwealth Bank Vietnam, and a favourable exchange rate, converted to VND 177,000,000. To put that in perspective a beer in Vung Tau costs about VND 20,000.

All the money this year has been spent on food and supplies for the Long Hai Centre which now looks after more than 140 children. The Long Hai Centre prepares about 220 meals per day and, with a donation such as ours, it keeps them going for many  months.

There is nothing more rewarding and humbling than visiting these kids.

One moment that stands out for me was when I was at the Vung Tau Centre and visiting the sick and handicapped kids. There was one small girl with her head back struggling for breath. I asked My Huong about her to find out she has Cerebral Palsy and that she was surprised she was still alive. I thought the young girl was about 3 but I was told that she was 9. I just sat and held her hand and gave thanks for the health of my own kids. We should all give thanks for the privileged life we lead.

Thank you to all for making a difference.