Following up on the Annual Vietnam Business Forum 2016 held in 5th December 2016 at the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, we have received the Official Documents from the Government providing responses to recommendations/issues raised at the Forum. We would like to herewith enclose those Documents for your information as follows:

  1. Official Document No. 2576/BNN-QLDN from Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development
  2. Official Document No. 18050/BTC-CST from Ministry of Finance
  3. Official Document No. 1529/BCT-KH from Ministry of Industry & Trade
  4. Official Document No. 687/BKHCN-DTG from Ministry of Science & Technology
  5. Official Document No. 1103/BGDDT-VP from Ministry of Education & Training
  6. Official Document No. 1039/BVHTTDL-KHTC from Ministry of Culture, Sports, & Tourism
  7. Official Document No. 386/BXD-QLN from Ministry of Construction

Please be kindly noted that:

  • Summary of Responses is enclosed for your convenience.
  • To download the documents, please click the following links:





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