The people of the UK have made a decision to leave the European Union (EU). What happens next – and the implications for businesses and organisations in the UK – is less clear.

Grant Thornton has produced an in-depth analysis of what we know about the mechanics of leaving the EU, our assessment of some of the external factors that may affect your organisation over the coming months and years, and a summary of the different models for trading relationships outside the EU. This can be found on our website here.

In thinking about the impact on your organisation you will want to consider not only legal and regulatory changes but also market reactions, consumer and business behaviours, and the wider political and economic environment. We can expect three broad phases of reaction to Brexit:

  • initial volatility
  • medium term uncertainty and instability
  • longer term transition

‎The impact of this will be different for every organisation. In looking at the threats and opportunities that emerges from Brexit for your business, and planning how you can create and protect value, you may wish to consider the implications for issues such as people and talent, strategic ambitions, financing, risk, operations and protecting investment in the short, medium and long term.

We can help you think through these issues and develop plans around all aspects of your organisational strategy.

As further developments take place, we will be providing insight and analysis which you can find on our website here.

We believe that in the coming weeks and months, dynamic organisations such as yours have a critical role to play in helping to shape the future of Britain. Grant Thornton is leading a campaign which explores how we can build a vibrant economy. You can find out more on the matter here:

We want to give you a voice and would welcome views on what the priorities should be for government and the UK to create a new economy outside the EU.

We hope this is helpful for you as you consider what the referendum vote means for your organisations. We would be delighted to discuss further if that would be helpful.


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