In this newsletter, Grant Thornton Vietnam would like to update recent important regulations and important tax policies including:

  1. Regional minimum wages in 2020 increased since 01 January 2020
  2. Official Letter No. 4178/TCT-CS introducing certain contents of Circular No. 68/2019/TT-BTC
  3. Official Letter No. 4707/TCT-CS on compulsory use of new electronic invoices when directly requested by tax authorities
  4. Official Letter No. 4641/TCT-DNNCN on Personal Income Tax for overtime salary in excess of the prescribed cap level
  5. Official Letter No. 4593/TCT-KK on declaration of exported goods which is returned after being refunded by tax offices
  6. Official Letter No. 3341/BCA-V03 on validity of Temporary Residence Card of foreign workers in case of corporate merger

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