Chris O’Dempsey is the Director of Heart Reach Australia (AusCham NGO Member). Below he reminds us of the great work the charity is doing – and to continue doing that great work, it requires ongoing funding. With 30 June coming up, now will be a particularly good time for some to consider donating. More below.

Heart Reach Australia (HRA) is a medical charity. We can only support kids, and keep the programs going over the last 26 years because people assist us either by sponsoring kids (see SPONSORSHIP INFO) or sometimes with general financial support. We are a registered, tax deductible NGO charity. As such, funds are deductible either through donations or ongoing kids’ sponsorships.

HRA’s website gives lots of info and pics of exactly what we do. Please visit

Those of you who play hockey, you will know that the soft peak hats we sell are sold to raise funds for the kids’ programs in Vietnam. But there is so much more. There are scholarships for young eye doctors, a blind school, medical ambulance boat and support for numerous families in remote and poor village settings.

It is nearly June 30, so I just wanted to give people the opportunity to support Heart Reach Australia, and the work we do. If so, please use the details either in the form above, or on the website. Receipts are issued for the current financial year if payments are made by June 30. Ongoing sponsorships are VERY CRITICALLY NEEDED.

Vietnam is an amazing place. Sponsors CAN visit kids.. it is controlled and usually at their village or school, but we often have people visit to see the place where sponsored kids live. It is an eye opener for many! Not only is Vietnam an amazing place, it is extremely cheap to travel. We can assist in this area if any so desire to travel to Vietnam, and see some of the amazing places there!

If you can assist, thank you.

If not, I hope the information on the website helps you understand what we have been doing for 26 years. It is an unpaid, but immensely rewarding.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make a huge difference in so many kids’ and families’ lives over the 26 years.. so much blessing!

Kind regards

Chris O’Dempsey
Heart Reach Australia
Ph. +61 754769444  Mob. +61 418246888


Heart Reach Australia  ANZ Bank. BSB 014650  Acc. No. 347610262
Names, ages and details of children from 5 through 16 are available for sponsorships.