THE PROVINCIAL COMPETITIVE INDEX (PCI) is a system of indicators used to evaluate and rank 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam for the ease of doing business at the provincial level. PCI is constructed with 10 sub-indices reflecting different areas of economic governance that affect private sector development, including: entry costs; land access and security of tenure; transparency and access to information; time costs for bureaucratic procedures and inspections; informal charges; policy biases; proactive provincial leadership; business support services; labor training; and law and order. Each sub-index is built on many indicators collected from the annual enterprise survey conducted by the PCI program and other published data.

PCI is the result of a collaborative effort between the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which was first established in 2005. To date,
PCI has become highly appreciated by the highest leaders of the country, leaders of ministries and departments, and provincial leaders. PCI also has received widespread support of the business community and press agencies.
PCI has contributed to many important reforms of the business environment in Vietnam over the past years, conveying the message of transparency, openness, fairness and professionalism.

PCI is based on the results of a professional and internationally standardized annual enterprise survey which is currently the second largest in Vietnam only after the enterprise census of the General Statistics Office. The survey is conducted in the form of mail questionnaires sent out to about 40-50 thousand enterprises with the annual response of about 10,000 private firms and nearly 2,000 foreign invested enterprises across 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam. PCI combines a methodology developed by foreign experts and the experience and prestige of Vietnamese experts. The methods used to construct PCI construction and survey methodology have been
scientifically validated as well as reality demonstrated. The success of the PCI program has led to similar programs in 13 other countries around the world, from Asia, Europe to America.

PCI survey findings are not just revealed and announced at the annual PCI report launch event each year. The PCI research team regularly makes field trips to meet and work with most provinces and cities to present
diagnostic analyses of the local business environments, sharing good PCI practices as well as suggesting solutions to their problems. About 40 PCI workshops and events, on average, are held each year with the participation of
more than 10 thousands of provincial, departmental, and business leaders. PCI is also widely used by people’s councils, business associations and media agencies.

Initially conceived to provide policy recommendations to improve the business environment, PCI has matured and become widely recognized and included in the Government’s Resolutions 19 and Resolution 01/2017 as a
requirement for all provinces and cities to implement as one of the major tasks and measures to improve the business environment and enhance national competitiveness.


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