AusCham Member, the University of Western Sydney has just had a name change.

Welcome to Western Sydney University!

The following has been taken from Western Sydney University’s website

The University of Western Sydney will launch a new positioning and identity on 30 August, with the University to be known as Western Sydney University.

Professor Barney Glover, University Vice-Chancellor and President, says the initiative is about putting Western Sydney first, and acknowledging the University’s commitment to the region – one of the fastest growing and most dynamic areas in the country.

“Over the next 25 years Western Sydney will account for 60 per cent of Sydney’s population growth and 25 per cent of Australia’s, so now is a good time to re-evaluate how we talk about the University and an opportunity to reinforce our leadership role within the region,” says Professor Glover.

“Our values haven’t changed, but like every forward looking organisation, we are conscious of the need to continually evolve.”

As well as the new name and logo, Professor Glover says the comprehensive positioning strategy is an investment in the student experience.

“The logo and name change are just one element of the broader program. The majority of the investment over the next three years is aimed at improving the student experience in the digital age – significantly growing our digital presence – as well as delivering targeted career services and development programs to students,” says Professor Glover.

“The strategy is very much an investment in the future of our students and in our region.”



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