VIETNAM, 21 March 2018 – Other than the plain mono-function residential cluster, the term refers to a neighborhood or township development with mixed-use components such as, residential, retail, institution, leisure and more where residents can live, work and play. It comprises multifunctional and interconnected buildings, which focus on the surrounding environment to ensure harmonious ‘street-scape’ and architecture. As the Vietnam real estate market is gradually maturing, a sustainable wholesome living environment is an important factor for buyers to consider. Based on our real estate expertise, the suitable size of an integrated development should be in excess of 5ha to ensure commercial viable facilities.

In the past 4 years, the volume of integrated development has substantially increased within the Vietnam residential market. Given that the government town planning capacity and funding is limited, developers have jumped on the opportunity to construct integrated communities. However, the quality of these developments differ, due to the varying levels of experience amongst developers and the level of funding available.

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