Weekly Update from the Executive Director, Michael Roberts [5 July 2018]

Dear Members and Friends,

This week the mid-term meeting of the Vietnam Business Forum was held in Hanoi, chaired by the Minister for Planning and Investment, Mr Nguyen Chi Dung and the Country Director of the World Bank, Mr Ousmane Dione. At this forum a number of presentations were made and position papers delivered by the Working Groups of the VBF which represent the Business Chambers and various sectors of industry in Vietnam. Members of the government respond directly to the issues raised in presentations and position papers. Three of Auscham’s Directors are Heads of Working Groups; Giles Cooper – Governance and Integrity; Brian O’Reilly – Education and Training; and David Whitehead – Agribusiness. Giles Cooper is also the Auscham representative on the Board of the VBF Consortium.
This platform is without doubt the most effective form of advocacy that exists for Auscham participation and AusCham has significant representation within this very important body.

In their own words, the VBF secretariat describes the platform:
“In the context that the Government of Vietnam is taking efforts to improve legal framework, promote effective legal enforcement and is preparing to review 30 years of foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction in Vietnam, this prominent activity would be the opportunity to express strong commitment of the Government in collaboration with the business community to enhance a more effective and sustainable investment environment in Vietnam, to evaluate FDI policies and make relevant recommendations for further development.”

The theme for the mid-term meeting revolved around the Fourth Industrial Revolution and linkages between FDI enterprises and local companies. AusCham directors Brian O’Reilly and David Whitehead presented papers to the Forum on behalf of their groups.

The Chamber is keen to maintain and strengthen its position on the Vietnam Business Forum on your behalf, and invites comment from members about this advocacy role, or member interest to be part of a working group.

See you at Sundowners!

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