Bike Ride is an annual fundraising event which aim to raise fund for rental cost
of Training Centre and trainee’s houses for 200 trainees in 1 year. This year they
are organizing the 11th KOTO Bike Ride on Saturday 9th November 2013 with a
fresh return riding route and a new beautiful destination. They will join to have
a fun biking day with many interesting activities, networking chances and
valuable prizes for the people who raise most fund for KOTO trainees. This shows
your warm heart towards Vietnamese disadvantaged youth and also raise the Social
Responsibility for people around you. With the fundraising amount of $70 ( for
individual ) and $50 ( for group – from 10 people up ), you will lend KOTO a
hand to help KOTO trainees and Vietnamese street and disadvantaged youth. The
renting bike is $15 if requested.

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