KOTO SAIGON RESTAURANT, located at 151a Hai Ba Trung in District has been moved to a NEW location with a new name: KOTO KUMHO LINK Training Restaurant. The new location is on 3rd floor of KUMHO LINK, #39 Le Duan, Dist 1. The restaurant will open from Monday 11th May 2015 daily, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from thereafter.

KOTO Training Restaurants are among the most unique dining experiences in Vietnam. Visitors can try traditional dishes while they learn about the social impact of KOTO Foundation programmes, which provides life-changing opportunities for at-risk and disadvantaged youth.

Thanks to the strategic partnerships which made KOTO Kumho Link possible, KOTO further aligns the teaching environments for facilities in the job market, and improve the visitor’s overall dining experience.

KOTO thank you for your patronage, and we look forward to seeing you soon at our spacious new facility!

For more information, please contact communication@koto.com.au, or visit out website www.koto.com.au