Dear AusCham Vietnam

On behalf of the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), we would
like to extend our sincere thanks for AusCham Vietnam’s contribution to jointly
supporting the VBF in 2013 and for renewing your membership in 2014 as an
Associate Consortium Member.

The VBF is the official ongoing public-private dialogue
between Vietnamese Government and local and foreign business community for a
favourable business environment that attracts private sector investment and
stimulates sustainable economic growth in Vietnam.

As we continue to grow and embrace new opportunities, we
would like to highlight how important our association with AusCham Vietnam is
to the success of this chapter. Your support is truly appreciated.

Once again, thank you for your contribution and festive
greetings to you.

Sincerely yours

Virginia B. Foote (Co-Chairman) and Vu TienLoc

24 April 2014