The following letter has been received from Trish Franklin AO, CEO from the Loreto Vietnam Australia Program. In the letter, Trish thanks AusCham for its recent support of Loreto.

11th May 2015

Dear Friends at AusCham

Firstly – my apologies for this very late Letter of Thanks: I believe you realize – I have had a month’s work of business in Australia and have just returned to Vietnam.

Two outstanding supports given to Loreto Kids Charity over the past weeks have been Fireside Chat and the ANZAC Great Debate. AUSCHAM’s outreach in supporting us has been exemplary and we have been doubly endorsed by your precious assistance in ‘broadcasting’ Loreto to the wider community of HCMC and Vietnam. This assistance is extremely valuable and respected because of AusCham’s fine reputation and status. That we have shared a page with you all in this way – is deeply appreciated.

As we continue to stretch into 2015 – we are about to undertake some thirty new projects! The funding donated so generously to Loreto Kids Charity through the events organized by AusCham – is especially welcome at this time – as we reach out to many far-flung and remote places so desperate for educational help and assistance. You are ‘out there’ with us AusCham – as we endeavor to make changes for kids in these regions who truly have nothing! Your support, encouragement and interest with us is commendable and admirable.

Thanks to you Phil (Johns, AusCham’s Executive Director) for your altruistic leadership within AusCham and to each of your Staff members for their shared passion and fervor towards the wider community of Vietnam. Loreto Team Members extend our gracious gratitude.

On behalf of the Loreto Team,


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