Just this morning (3 September 2015), Loreto held the official Opening of the Cai Keo Kindergarten in Ca Mau Province (Vietnam’s southern most province). The transformation from 2012 to now is complete.

The day was a great success and additional photos of the Opening Ceremony, together with some before shots of the school in 2012, can be viewed by clicking here.

Below, is a transcript of the speech by CEO of Loreto Kids Charity, Ms Ha My.


Happy faces at this morning's opening of the Cai Keo Kindergarten in Ca Mau Province, by Loreto.

Happy faces at this morning’s opening of the Cai Keo Kindergarten in Ca Mau Province, by Loreto.

(By Ha My – CEO of Loreto Kids Charity)

Dear Representatives of all related Departments,

It is my greatest honor to represent Ms. Trish Franklin, Loreto Team and all the donors today to celebrate the Opening Ceremony of Cai Keo Kindergarten.

I still remember my first visit here – it was a small school along the river with a few degraded classrooms. The kids were playing on an old and decrepit cement floor. Behind the school gate, their parents were waiting to pick them up.

Their haunting-yet-daunting looks and wishful expectation have all paid off as, starting from today, you will be sitting in a beautiful and well-equipped school.

Your joy is also our joy. The donors, related departments, CMUFO, teachers and Loreto Team have put all our hearts and souls to finish the project, hoping that it would become a great learning environment for not only you but also future generations.

Loreto’s ex-CEO and founder – Ms. Trish Franklin – is in Australia now but she is still watching over this project and constantly encourages everyone to accomplish it.

On behalf of the donors, Ms. Trish Franklin and Loreto Team, I would like to show my greatest and most sincere gratitude to your enthusiasm and our strong bonding. Everything we have done, “It’s all for the kids” so that they would have better academic conditions to decide their own future.

Finally, I would like to have some heartfelt words to all the teachers and students. This school is made of thousands of hours of hard work, sweat and souls of many people. You are all fortunate to enjoy a good learning environment while elsewhere; there might be people who are teaching and studying in a dull and downgraded square of block. I hope every teacher will help preserve this school as their own and educate the kids to take care of public property so this work of education can be used and passed on to many more generations.

Thank you very much!

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