Photo caption: Matthew Lourey (Domicile Corporate Services) has been elected President of AusCham for 2018/19. Pictured above, Matthew as Treasurer, at the Annual General Meeting in HCMC on 27 March 2018.

  • Update 29 March 2018.Phillip Dowler (RMIT University Vietnam) has been elected as Vice President. Phillip is located in Hanoi while Matthew Lourey, President, is located in HCMC.)

    Cecilia Trandang (VinaCapital) has been elected Treasurer.

    Minh Duong (Asia Counsel) has been elected Secretary.

AusCham is delighted to confirm that the Board has elected Matthew Lourey as our new President for 2018/19. David Whitehead also put up his hand for the position and an election was held. The election was declared over when Matthew received seven votes (majority on the 12 seat Board).

Speaking with Directors afterwards, Matthew explained that it was an “honour to be elected as President by the Board and I am very passionate about the role, the responsibilities and the Chamber. Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to an exciting time ahead with everyone.”

Chau Ta

Former President, Chau Ta, at the Annual General Meeting 2018, did not contest for the position of President in the new Board.

Former President, Chau Ta, decided not to stand for the position of President this year, citing personal reasons.

Chau added that, “I am very excited of where AusCham is placed today and believe that we have a very dynamic Board to help push us further (and) I will continue to do all I can as a Board Director.”

Matthew responded saying that “I would again like to acknowledge and thank Chau for all her hard work and extra effort she has put in over the past few years as President… I am sure her contributions will continue as she remains a valuable member of our Board.”

The Board is now electing Directors to the positions of Vice President (who must come from Hanoi given the President is located in HCMC), Treasurer and Secretary.

Matthew added, “Congratulations on all Board members for being re-elected for an exciting year ahead, and for the office holders that are in the process of being appointed. I look forward to working with everyone for the Members’ and the Chamber’s benefit.”

President Matthew Lourey’s profile, as it appeared on the ballot form for the 2018 election.

Mr Matthew Lourey: Managing Partner, Domicile Corporate Services (2017 AusCham Treasurer; attended 11 of 12 meetings)

I am an Australian Chartered Accountant who has lived and worked in Vietnam for over 13 years. As Managing Partner of Domicile Corporate Services, I assist foreign invested companies enter Vietnam and ensure that their ongoing accounting, tax, reporting and compliance are maintained at international levels. I enjoy fostering our Australian relationships in Vietnam, and being part of the AusCham board allows me to give back and assist the wider Australian business community in Vietnam and Australia.

I have been a Director of AusCham for the past 2 years, and have held the position of Treasurer for much of that period. I look forward to continuing as a board member of AusCham, and contributing to its stability and successes.

The 2018 Board


  1. Mr Giles Cooper
  2. Mr Phillip Dowler
  3. Ms Tori Dixon-Whittle
  4. Mr David Whitehead


  1. Ms Cecilia Tran Dang
  2. Mr Brian O’Reilly
  3. Mr Minh Duong
  4. Dr Rod Crouch
  5. Mr Greg Ohan
  6. Mr Robert King
  7. Mr Matthew Lourey
  8. Ms Chau Ta


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