San Ha Foods (AusCham Member) is offering a tour of its chicken processing plant in Long An Province (a bus will be provided for the one hour’s drive from District 1, HCMC).San Ha Foods 1

From a table on the side of the road selling chickens, Ms Ha has created a multi million dollar business, crowned by the official opening of this new chicken processing plant in January 2017.

Today, her two sons, both of whom studied in Australia, play key roles in the business.

Lunch and transport shall be provided free of charge for members. Non members will be required to pay a nominal amount.

More to follow.

Please note

  • San Ha Foods 2Participants cannot take photos or videos (AusCham shall post some approved photos)
  • Processing plants (abattoirs) are dangerous places and participants must strictly follow the directions of San Ha’s representatives when on the premises
  • Participants should wear appropriate clothing for safety eg, closed footwear, no loose items of clothing such as ties or jewellery which may be caught in a machine
  • Participants must declare any illness or sickness in advance (eg colds, coughs, temperatures) and in the interests of food safety and hygiene, may not be permitted inside the food production area
  • Processing plants will involve sights (eg blood), smells (eg manure) and sounds (eg chickens) that may distress some participants. Accordingly, some participants may decide to observe the process through a glass window on the second floor rather than walking through the plant – or they may just choose to listen to the briefing