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Liverpool has emerged as Sydney’s third CBD and is open for business. Liverpool’s fast growing population is driving a boom in residential construction and retail. The new international airport sits within Liverpool Local Government Area which will become an economic hub delivering new jobs, home, infrastructure, and services in the heart of Western Sydney.

Liverpool CBD has a thriving health, education, and research precinct. The three universities are producing highly skilled and qualified workers Medical professionals use the latest technology to provide high standard health care while researchers develop medical equipment and techniques.

Liverpool has strong roots in manufacturing, with the sector developing an emphasis on advanced manufacturing and logistics. A total of $13 billion worth of infrastructure is being invested in infrastructure in Liverpool as at 2020 and the Australian Government is investing up to $5.3billion in the Western Sydney Airport.

Eight reasons to locate in Liverpool include:
1. Strategic growth centre in NSW Governments A Plan for Growing Sydney
2. Accessible and affordable industrial land with major great transport links
3. A strong economy that is growing in business and job creation.
4. A connected city with rail, road and the Western Sydney International Airport and Western Sydney infrastructure plan
5. An average population growth rate of 2.3%
6. A great place to live with cultural diversity. There has been a growth of Vietnamese ancestry in Liverpool
7. A skilled workforce; tertiary students studying locally
8. Language skills, young, tech savvy population
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