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Future.Travel is a registered trading name for Blue Ocean Trading & Consulting Company Ltd (BOTCC), a multi-faceted Vietnamese Limited Liability company with license to generate revenue across a range of industries.

At Future.Travel the focus is on international air transport – building passenger and freight loads for airlines, and room nights for our partner hotels and resorts . ‘We put bums on seats and heads in beds.’

Specifically, Future.Travel works with airlines and tourism suppliers to help them leverage concessional travel by travel industry personnel to become a significant segment of their promotional activities to promote their brand and market share. We are happy to receive inquiries from airlines/hotels/resort and tour operators that are interested in maximising their presence in the industry.

For the industry professional we provide you with an opportunity to access a range of products and destinations you may not normally have thought possible. We have consolidated for you some of the best industry concessional fares. We can only support bone-fide members of the travel and tourism industry as we have strict rules according to airline and providers, for concessional fares and rates. We cannot sell concessional tickets to the general public as they are restricted to members of the industry by various regulations, rules, and interline agreements.
Industry: Tourism
Street Address: 8th Floor, 5 Dong Da Street, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC
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Phone: +84 2839990706
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Company Website Address: https://Future.Travel


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