Not simply a present, a box of mooncakes is more like a sincere appreciation sent to family, friends and partners. This beautiful tradition keeps evolving, calling for a unique, memorable gift. Preserving the delicacy of the mid-autumn festival, Hilton Hanoi Opera invites you to discover homemade mooncakes wrapped in a box of vogue.

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Inspired by luxurious, stylish handbags, Hilton Hanoi Opera mooncake gift box 2018 is characterized by its handbag shape and rose gold plated handle. The gift, for the first time, is an accessory complimenting the taste of its possessors. Covered with orange color, the box stands out as a unique, luxurious mid-autumn festival gift. Beside the handbag-shaped box, the rectangular box can be a classic choice.

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Hilton Hanoi Opera mooncakes 2018 feature six flavors: Green tea lotus seed and salted egg; Red bean; Taro; Black sesame; Green tea lotus seed; Black chocolate, hazelnut seed, almond seed and lotus seed. While the former five have been favorite pastes throughout the years, the new paste of Black chocolate, hazelnut seed, almond seed and lotus seed will surprise the palate.

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The mooncakes are available at the lobby from 8th August 2018. Please call us at 0904 661 607, email us at or follow Hilton Hanoi Opera Facebook for further information and assistance.

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