Hilton Hanoi Opera announces its 2019 mooncake collection on the occasion of the fast-approaching mid-autumn festival. With an experience of more than a decade in making premium mooncakes, this year, the hotel brings to the market a fresh appearance for our unique-looking mooncake gift box.

Mooncakes 2019 by Hilton Hanoi Opera

With inspirations from vivid patterns and modern handbag designs, Hilton Hanoi Opera 2019 mooncake gift box resembles a fashionable handbag. The gift box is an accessory to complement the taste of its possessors, showcasing the giver’s high class and respect for the recipient.
With delicate yet convenient brown wooden handle, the bag creates a feeling of excitement for the recipient – like carrying around a luxurious handbag and not simply a mooncake gift box.

Limited Handbag with a new fashionable look

Patterned with vibrant orange flowers, the box is a colorful yet luxurious mid-autumn festival gift. Beside the handbag-shaped box, the rectangular box is also a classic choice.
Hilton Hanoi Opera 2019 mooncakes feature six flavors: Green tea lotus seed and salted egg; Red bean; Taro; Black sesame; Green tea lotus seed; Black chocolate, hazelnut seed, almond seed and lotus seed. While the former five have been favorite pastes throughout the years, the recent pastes of Black chocolate, hazelnut seed, almond seed and lotus seed will be a sweet surprise.

Six flavors will surprise the palate

Aside from bearing the existing traditional meaning of Mid-Autumn, Hilton Mooncake gift box carries dashing splashes of modernity by combining in itself different gift options of limited-edition fine wines, elevating the luxury of the gift box.

The finest limited wine for a luxurious gift

Not simply a present, a box of mooncake is a symbol of sincere gratitude for family, friends, and partners. This year’s mooncake gift box is a special way to preserve the prestigious tradition while honoring your close ones. On that note, Hilton Hanoi Opera invites you to explore homemade mooncakes in a high-fashion box that will be treasured by any receiver.

Learn more about our Mooncakes 2019 by Hilton Hanoi Opera: http://bit.ly/2M6pR9l

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