Investing in Myanmar

  1. Introduction

“Myanmar is a gold mine, any way you look at it. There is no flight to,
or hotel in, Myanmar that isn’t booked by business people looking at
opportunities there to get involve in tourism, banking,
telecommunications, and construction” Craig Steffensen, the Asian
Development Bank’s country manage for Burma and Thailand.

Myanmar is often referred to as the Golden Land. And indeed it may become a Golden Land for investment opportunities in the coming decade. By investing early in Myanmar, you can become a trend-setter instead of a follower.

With its natural and human resources and cultural and national heritage Myanmar represents excellent potential for business investment. Up to March 2012, the total foreign investment in Myanmar was USD40.699 billion.

Myanmar welcomes foreign investment in all forms. The Government is intending  to maintain good economic relationship with all foreign organizations and individuals, regardless of their political or social system and is also attempting to build strong economic relations with all countries.

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