Our member Pegasus International College is looking for applicants for the attached scholarship in hospitality (cookery).  It is a very exciting opportunity for a young person, especially someone interested in travel.  They will finish with an Australian qualification and spend time living in Nepal, which is very beautiful country, and get to visit Norway.  The training in Viet Nam will be conducted in Da Nang, but all expenses including rent, transport, living etc are included as part of the scholarship.

There is only one week left to apply.

Contact:  Ms Karen Maree Goodwin-Roberts at karen.goodwin@pegasus.edu.vn

More Details:

SIT30616 Cert III in Hospitality EN v1.1_001 SIT30616 Cert III in Hospitality EN v1.1_002 SIT30616 Cert III in Hospitality EN v1.1_003 To outline the exchange program_001 To outline the exchange program_002