Networking across jurisdictions: how to identify relevant connections for doing business in Asia, by Expat Advisors’ Community (an AusCham Member).

An edited extract of the original article appears below.

Building relationships is critical for doing business. Not just locally, but especially when taking your product or service overseas. There’s a lot of information around about HOW to do business, particularly with a country like China, but WHO can you reach out to for internationalizing  your business?

For many, finding the right connections is not easy. Especially for smaller businesses, who may not have the strength of big brand to open doors. Many SMEs don’t have high level business connections, and are  unsure how to access government support.

If you are looking to take your business international, it’s just like setting up locally, but there are so many more factors to consider. Many of these, particularly for Asia, you may not even be aware of. This is why it is important to work with those who have relevant expertise, or have trodden the path before…



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