The New Colombo Plan is a partnership between government, universities and the private-sector to provide a new generation of Australians with direct experience of living, studying and undertaking work placements in the Indo-Pacific.

Business is central to the program’s ability to provide meaningful, course-related work experiences to complement students’ formal studies in the region, and the New Colombo Plan Secretariat welcomes enquiries about opportunities to engage with the program.

Internships, mentorships and practicums are a hallmark of the New Colombo Plan and provide students with opportunities to test their skills in real life situations, build cross-cultural competencies and develop professional networks that can last a lifetime.

NCP Internship and Mentorship Network

The NCP Internship and Mentorship Network connects private-sector organisations looking for the best and brightest and NCP students seeking a rewarding and challenging workplace experience in the Indo-Pacific to complement their formal studies under the program.

As a registered NCP Internship and Mentorship Network member, private-sector organisations can access a diverse talent pool and support students in obtaining professional experience in the region, and universities and NCP students can access the internship and mentorship opportunities made available by registered organisations.

The network is open to registrations by those offering placement opportunities directly or with their members. Third party and commercial providers do not qualify to register.

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