AusCham is delighted to welcome MODE HAYSOM Architects Vietnam as a SME member in 2016.


Mode Haysom Architects  is an award winning  architectural  firm,  having  over 60 years  of combined  experience  in urban design  and master-planning,   residential,  commercial  and  hospitality  solution  across  all design  disciplines.  We have  proven capabilities  in delivering  exceptional  outcomes  on all scales of projects with  offering  in architecture,  interior, landscape  and graphic design.

With the foundation  of experience  in Australia, together with on-the-ground  presence  in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,  Mode Haysom  Architects  offer  local  understanding  and  knowledge  with  international   resources.  This not only  ensures the  local vision and requirements  are met, both sustainably  and culturally, it also ensures the best possible solution is delivered.

Haysom Architects  Vietnam  is a well recognized  practiced  from Australia  that has established  itself in the Vietnam market since 2009.  Clients who in Australia  have enjoyed  their practicality  and commercial  focus to re-direct multiple  projects from their investment portfolio introduced.

HAYSOM  Architects  Vietnam  now provides similar  services to numerous  clients  in Vietnam  seeking  that combination  of design quality that is well managed an deficiently delivered, through an integral understanding of the local condition.

MODE area design  based collaborative  practice and value the input from clients, end users and peers; implementing  such engagement  into the design  process.  We work  imaginatively  within the constraints  of the brief and the budget; seeking  to value add to the end product.  We recognise the benefits  of debate and review in the design  process; with the end goal of creating a fit-for-purpose  solution.

We  employ  advanced  3-D  computer   modelling  systems  from  master-planstage   through  to  construction  documentation utilizing ArchiCAD  as our BIM modelling  engine together with various rendering software.  This enables us to take a complete approach to each design project via various methodologies.

The  Brisbane   practice   is  certified  to  IS09001 :2008  for  Architectural   and  Consultancy   Services.   Our  Environmental Management  System seeks to minimize  environmental  impacts,  prevent pollution  and continually  improve our  practices and design techniques.  We focus on sustainability  to ensure costefficient  delivery of all our projects.

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