Pastry Chef John Jimenez Magtibay, from the Philippines, started his pastry journey as an apprentice at an early age, gaining well-rounded experience and inspiration in the area of international pastry.

With more than 20 years of experience as a pastry chef, Chef John’s inspiration for creating desserts comes from his passion for art and from pastry master chefs from all over the world.  He has traveled the world exploring art and working as a pastry chef for international cruise and five-star hotel brands such as Peninsula Manila, Royal Caribbean International and Fridays Boracay Resort, Philippines.  In 2005, Chef John became head chef of the pastry kitchen at New World Makati Hotel, and in September 2014, he joined New World Saigon Hotel in a similar capacity.

When asked about his goals on joining New World Saigon Hotel, Chef John said, “New World Saigon Hotel is one of the best five-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and is the best choice for families, business executives and gourmet lovers to enjoy international cuisine made with the finest ingredients and a great cooking method.  With my experience and skills in the pastry field, I will offer great desserts as well as specials from many countries to diners at New World Saigon Hotel.”