Dear Hanoi Members,

Last week, our Vice President, David Whitehead, resigned from the Board which has left a vacancy for the position of Vice President and a vacancy on the Board in Hanoi.

Vacancy on the Board in Hanoi

We are now seeking nominations from Hanoi members for a Hanoi-registered Director on the Board. Members may either self nominate or nominate another Hanoi registered member (if you wish to nominate another member, please ensure that they will accept the nomination). Could you please detail the reasons why you think the nominee would be a valuable addition to the Board.

Deadline: 5pm, Tuesday 26 August 2014.

Lodgement of nomination: Please email

Please include: Name and reasons for selecting Hanoi-registered nominee.

Process for selecting a new Director

Once all nominations have been received, the full Board will consider the nominations and this process will include an interview.


for selecting a new Vice President

Separately, Hanoi Directors have been invited to nominate for the position of President. The Hanoi Directors declined. Accordingly, the new President will come from HCMC and as per the Charter, the Vice President must be a current Director based in the “other city” which, in this case, will be Hanoi.

The Board is currently working through this process of selecting a current Hanoi registered Board member for the position of Vice President.


Please submit nominations for Director’s position on National Board

Again, should you wish to nominate yourself or another Hanoi based member, please email me by 5pm on Tuesday 26 August 2014.


Phil Johns

National Executive Director